Sanyu kenki Co., Ltd. - Takamatsu, Kanonji (Shikoku)

Polishing Services

Once you purchase a new blade, it is common for it to require 10 or more grinding repairs during use.
In order to use cutting tools for a long time, precision is required in both new products and grinding repairs.

It may be "just polishing", but we believe that it is that polishing that leads to improved productivity and quality, as well as reduced costs.

The blade service center (Onohara Factory) houses the best blade polishing equipment in Shikoku, allowing us to help upscale and speed up our customers' equipment.

Circular grinders

6 units (including 1 vertical grinder)


Surface grinders

1 unit

Flat blade grinders

Chuck length: 3 m (2 units) / 4 m (1 unit) / 7 m (1 unit)

We also work with multiple partner factories, empowering us to take on variety of projects.
Feel free to inquire with any questions.