Sanyu kenki Co., Ltd. - Takamatsu, Kanonji (Shikoku)

President's Message

In Pursuit of "Cutting"

Our company has always specialized in sale of cutting tools and grinding stones for industrial use. Our customers' needs and the products we provide have changed with the times, but we have consistently remained a part of the cutting process for the manufacturing industry.

The "cutting" process is vital when creating anything. We have worked with our customers to create optimum cutting processes through cutting tools and grinding stones.

In recent years, on customer production sites, there have been requests such as working with materials that have high functionality and improving accuracy and wear-resistance by accelerating the line speed. We will continue to pursue "cutting" and support the foundation of our customers' craftsmanship by providing high-quality cutting process solutions.

Combining technology

These days, customer needs vary greatly and have become complicated. While fulfilling these requirements, we face many unique challenges in our pursuit of "cutting". However, we have a number of partner companies with advanced technology and specialties. We endeavor to utilize original technologies of these companies to provide high value added services. Our entire staff works together toward achieving this goal by improving our technical knowledge to be a company with which the professional would want to work. We work hard not only within the company, but also directly with customers and partners to advance toward Japan's future as the next generation technological superpower.

Kosuke Arioka, President and Representative director

Management Philosophy / Principles

Sanyu kenki Co., Ltd.: Overview

About Us

Company Name Sanyu kenki Co., Ltd.
Representative Kosuke Arioka, President and Representative director
Capital JPY 10 million
Business and Products Sale of industrial cutting tools, grinding stones, diamond products, and carbide parts
Repair and polishing of industrial cutting tools, blades, and carbide knives
Polishing of machine parts
Establishment 1 Jul 1954
Location See the bottom of the page.

Headquarters (Takamatsu) Kanonji Office Cutting Tools Service Center (Kanonji)

Company History

Jul 1954 Established Sanyu Shokai as the Toyo Knife Co., Ltd Shikoku sales agent. Thereafter, activities remained focused mainly on sale of industrial cutting tools, grinding stones, and carbide products.
Jul 1989 Opened Cutting Tools Service Center (Onohara Factory)
Nov 2004 Added JPY 10 million in capital and changed the company name to Sanyu kenki Co., Ltd.
Jun 2008 Expanded Cutting Tools Service Center, added second floor office

Cutting Tools Service Center
Cutting Tools Service Center